Where to fire army pistols in Moscow

Anton Belitskiy
We list Moscow’s gun clubs, from the cheapest to the flashiest.

Every shooting club has its own membership rules. Some give lessons to children as young as ten. Most do not require any documents other than a passport, and the whole registration process rarely takes longer than 15 minutes, even for foreigners. But just in case a club does have additional requirements, it’s worth phoning ahead to check.

1. Labyrinth

The most affordable gun club in Moscow, situated in the center, a 10-minute walk from Kievskaya subway station in the direction of Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

It is not located in a separate building, but inside a basement. On opening the door, visitors are greeted by the whiff of dampness and gunpowder. There are staffing problems, too. There is no one at the entrance to deal with queries and registration, and you have to search for the shooting range yourself (although it’s not difficult to find).

On the plus side, the club operates like clockwork, and shooters are never kept waiting. For 2,000 rubles, you get the minimum set of services: an instructor will explain how to hold the gun, stand, and aim.

Only able shooters are given individual advice. Novices are fed through conveyor-style, and a 50-round shoot takes no more than 20 minutes. 

The format is ideal for first-timers. The club offers a choice of pistols: Glock 17 or 35, CZ, BUL Cherokee, Grand Power K100, Sig Sauer, and Yarygin. You can also throw knives and do archery.

Verdict: Recommended for first-time shooters.

Click here to go to the club website.

2. Vystrel (Shot)

The most pleasant gun club in Moscow, located in the heart of a residential district near Botanichesky Sad subway station.

Don’t be put off by the unsightly facade of the one-storey pistachio-colored building—the shooting ranges are equipped with everything you need. The ascetic setup is more than compensated for by the welcoming and professional staff, who prefer individual classes to group lessons.

Newcomers are offered a Glock, CZ, or Viking pistol; an individual lesson with an instructor costs 4,000 rubles, including the gallery hiring fee.

Verdict: Recommended for second-time shooters with a whetted appetite.

Click here to go to the club website.

3. Caliber

The most stylish gun club in Moscow, located beyond the Moscow Ring Road on Yaroslavl Highway. Getting there makes sense only by car. There is a huge parking lot and no problems with spaces.

Caliber’s “killer app” is its shooting hall with all the latest gizmos. Shooters can simulate rain and fog conditions, and even learn to shoot from a car (a unique feature for Moscow gun clubs). That means there are more pros here than beginners.

Everything looks modern and high-end. Some instructors are not over-friendly, and the almost sociable atmosphere of Vystrel is missing. On the other hand, it looks snazzy.

The pricing system is complex, so it’s a good idea to phone in advance to find out how much it will cost for you personally.

Verdict: Recommended if you don’t like sharing with beginners.

Click here to go to the club website.

4. Object

The flashiest gun club in Moscow, located on the 17th kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road, easily reachable by car.

The price tag is off the scale. On weekends and holidays, a minimum 100 shots will set you back 6,900 rubles. The choice of pistol is between a Glock 35, CZ P-09, and Grand Power K100, but you can ask the instructor to decide for you.

Lessons last 60 minutes and involve a group of five shooters practising different exercises. Of all the gun clubs in Moscow, Object is the one that turned shooting into a lucrative entertainment business.

Verdict: Recommended if you have cash to burn.

Click here to go to the club website.

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