20 masterpieces of architecture photographer Mikhail Rozanov (PHOTOS)

Mikhail Rozanov/Ruarts
Only through an artist’s lens can one discern the details of usual buildings, parks and city sculptures, something we miss in our everyday rhythm. All of them appear in a new light, sometimes as true pieces of art.

Mikhail Rozanov is considered one of the most famous Moscow photographers with his distinctive style and narratives, who is mainly working in the black-and-white format. His works are distinguished by minimalism, academic rigor and restraint.

Architecture is his passion. Across the entire world, he photographs his favorite objects. Through his lens, they sometimes become true pieces of art.

Rozanov is interested in unusual styles and objects at the turn between eras. His whole ‘Dream’ series, for example, was dedicated to the triumphant Stalinist Empire style architecture in Moscow.

Soviet neoclassicism is distinguished by a geometrically precise style, which inspires Rozanov a lot.

He also captures monumental decorative ornaments that regular passers-by often don’t pay attention to.

From Soviet Moscow Rozanov easily travels to the Louvre through his lens.

He admires the sculptures and geometry of the parks in Versailles. 

And then he returns to Peterhof.

The Soviet VDNKh park inspired him with its order and “clarity of purpose” – that’s how he called another one of his series of works about Soviet heritage in architecture.

It’s impossible to miss allusions to antiquity in these Soviet classic buildings, where, even among ruins, one can be inspired by “Order”, as Rozanov’s series of works is called.

Decorative ornaments in purely Soviet style around the perimeter of the Lenin Library are simply invisible to common passersby – but Rozanov gives them the opportunity to see them. These figures of kolkhoz and factory workers look especially surreal against the backdrop of the golden Moscow Kremlin domes.

The majestic Moscow Kremlin itself doesn’t need any additional remarks – a witness of tsarist times, as well adorned with Soviet red stars.

A very familiar-to-every-Russian silhouette of the Moscow Kremlin’s walls (built, by the way, by Italian craftsmen, so you can find similar shapes in Milan).

A large series of astonishing works by Rozanov is dedicated to the Moscow Kremlin.

There’s another series consisting of holy places described in the Gospel. Here, for example, is the passage to Golgotha in Jerusalem. 

Here’s the Mount of Olives.

There are also geometric abstractions among Rozanov’s works.

Where, sometimes, it is difficult to understand, which country it is… or which continent… or even planet!

This architecturally precise iceberg in Antarctica, for instance, Rozanov named ‘Space’ – an impressive and boundless space of ice and icebergs.

One of Rozanov’s latest series is dedicated to steel, glass and concrete. He studied these materials across all of Europe, including Berlin (and its famous TV tower), which can be seen in the photo below.

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