The ‘kokoshnik’ in Russian art (PICS )

Russia Beyond (Public Domain)
The most renowned headdress from Russia had a huge number of forms and types. That is why it inspired many artists.

Ivan Argunov. Portrait of a peasant woman, 1784

Pyotr Drodzhin. Portrait of a merchant wife wearing a kokoshnik, 1796

Unknown artist. Portrait of Glafira Zimina, a girl from a merchant family, early 19th century 

Alexey Venetsianov. Portrait of the artist’s wife, Marfa Venetsianova, 1828

Alexey Venetsianov. The Nurse with the Child, 1830s

Karl Bryullov. Svetlana at a fortune-telling, 1836

Unknown artist. Peasant woman wearing a kokoshnik, 19th century 

Abram Klyukvin. A woman wearing a Toropets pearl kokoshnik and shawl, early 19th century 

Pimen Orlov. Portrait of an unknown court lady in a Russian dress, circa 1835

Alexander Malyukov. Portrait of Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna, 1836

Ivan Kramskoi. Portrait of Empress Maria Fyodorovna, 1881

Viktor Vasnetsov. Boyarina (Portrait of Vera Mamontova), 1884

Viktor Vasnetsov. Portrait of a woman wearing a kokoshnik, 1920

Konstantin Makovsky. Russian beauty, 1880s

Konstantin Makovsky. Boyarina by a window, 1890s

Konstantin Makovsky. Boyarina, 1890s

Konstantin Makovsky. On the outskirts, 1890s

Konstantin Makovsky. Cup of honey, 1890s

Konstantin Makovsky. Portrait of Zinaida Yusupova in a Russian dress, circa 1895

Konstantin Makovsky. Young Boyarina, 1890s

Konstantin Makovsky. Portrait of a girl in a Russian dress, 1910

Mikhail Nesterov, Girl wearing a kokoshnik. Portrait of M.Nesterova, 1885

Vasily Surikov, Portrait of young woman with a kokoshnik, 1892

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